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9 Job Boards to Find Your Next UX Gig

by Michael Gentile, UX Mastery
May 12, 2017

Are you a UX practitioner on the hunt for your next gig? As a relative newcomer to the world of UX, I’ve spent my fair share of time on job sites across the web. They’ve allowed me to look for future opportunities, get a feel for the market, what employers are looking for… and perks of course.

What I look for in a good job site is the ability to sort and sift through the jobs you don’t want to those you do. I’ve used some of the sites listed for other creative and general job searches too. 

For me, working remotely is important. I used to spend between twelve and fifteen hours commuting each week, so I tend to focus on job sites with a focus on remote work.  

These are some of my favourites sites, and I hope they could be the gateway to your new role, gig, or even a career in UX. 

1. Findbacon

One of the sites I’ve used for a few years, back when I was also looking for web development jobs. With a clean layout, is has a plethora of categories and ways to filter. You can also search within the tags you select while looking for a job near you or remote.

2. We Work Remotely

One of my favourite remote job boards. They don’t post Indeed or Monster quantities of jobs daily, but you can find almost any type of job here. This one is remote work only, with a simple to use interface and everything already sorted for you. Very convenient.

3. UX Jobs Board

A pure UX-only job board that leads to many other places. It has different selections based on job style (full-time, part-time, freelance), locations and the type of UX job you’re looking for. IA, User research, how about content strategy? Yep, all of that for us UX people. Their resource section is a wonderful addition and worth a look. 

4. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs has good usability with selections of categories, where you want to work and quality filtering. You can also search by compensation and the type of company you’re looking for. They post a decent amount of jobs daily and weekly.

5. Smashing Jobs

Chances are you’ve encountered Smashing Magazine’s books or articles on your UX journey. Their books are as enticing as their job board, which is filled with tonnes of opportunity. A clean and simple interface with quality roles makes this one of my daily check-ins.

6. Job Bank

Of course, I can’t leave out one of the authorities in UX, which has their own job section. How much more official does it get than this? UXPA has a simple job section on their site and although they don’t supply thousands of jobs, they’re always high quality. 

7. LinkedIn

I find that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools to have at my side. Why? The interactivity and the social aspect of being able to apply for a job, research the company and even reach out to a recruiter directly. That’s powerful, and there are tonnes of UX jobs posted every day from companies we know and love. It really is a power place to search.

8. UX Design Jobs

When you’re suffering from information overload and need somewhere to scan through UX jobs quickly, head to UX Desing Jobs. Initially, it looks like a simple job site, but keep scrolling to find top jobs from leading UX job websites – all on one easy to view page. How’s that for productivity?

9. CareerFoundry’s CareerHub

This is a top one for beginners who are or will be CareerFoundry students. CareerFoundry students and mentors actually built the careers section together as a project. The advantage? It features roles and jobs handpicked by CareerFoundry’s career team for people like myself who are just breaking into the field and looking for that entry level job once they finish their course. 

Plus, bonus suggestions from the UX Mastery community

Where do you go to find UX jobs? Tell us in the comments, or let us know in the forums.

Looking for career advice? Make sure you check out UX Mastery’s career section.

This article first appeared on UX Mastery and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.

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