How UX adventures can help your career

How UX adventures can help your career

by Cory Lebson, UX Mastery
July 25, 2016

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UX is an exciting profession – often at the forefront of new and innovative product development efforts and frequently allowing for a steady flow of intriguing work activities.

But work activities are not everything. In fact, I’ve found that sometimes the most exciting parts of a UX career are not on the job and may not even be paid activities.

I used the term “UX adventure” back in 2012 to refer to activities which were tangentially related to a UX career but were not part of a standard UX day job. Since then, I’ve discussed UX adventure on the radio, written articles, and have facilitated many an in-person discussion about the merits of UX adventure.

In fact, I feel just as strongly today about the merits of UX adventure as I did four years ago. As a freelancer, I’ve actually used my additional flexibility to balance my own user research work that I do with a variety of UX adventure activities.

So what is UX adventure?

UX adventure can be anything you do outside of your normal UX workflow that you enjoy doing but which also can help enhance your resume and validate your brand as a UX professional. UX adventure could mean getting involved in UX organizations (for me, it was my local UXPA chapter and then UXPA International).

UX adventure could mean giving talks about topics which you’re passionate about. UX adventure could mean writing – blogs, articles, or even perhaps a UX-related book. UX adventure can even mean activities with other UX professionals that themselves would otherwise we totally unrelated to work – for example, organizing a hike.

Why involve yourself in UX adventures?

Well, for one thing, it’s exciting. Sure there are adventures that you could have which are totally unrelated to your UX work, but UX adventures provide an extra bonus – they enhance your image as a UX professional.

More than that though, by increasing exposure to people and places you create serendipity in your UX career. You’ll increase the chance that you’ll find your next project or your next job or even your next exciting UX adventure to further your incredible UX career!

This article first appeared on UX Mastery and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.

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