Save time on your next project with these 50 free UX/UI icons

Save time on your next project with these 50 free UX/UI icons

BY Will Fanguy

Starting a new project but coming up empty on icons? It’s cool. Our friends at Vexels have you covered.

These 50 (!!!) free icons are basic enough that they can be used in any project, but they’re styled in a way that will add a professional touch to your app or website.

Inside the ZIP file, you’ll find each icon in PNG and SVG formats, along with an .ai file and preview image for every icon. Vexels hopes designers use these icons to save time when they’re working on and developing new projects. So with this icon set, you can hopefully shorten your to-do list and focus on other parts of your project.

These icons are universally styled, but if needed, you can adapt or modify them in Illustrator to fit your current design system.

Check them out now!

Download even more free icons

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